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Hello!~ I'm yet another memeber of the Bronyhood, haha. I'm primarily a comic maker, but I dabble in digital paintings when the mood strikes me. :meow:

I do my upmost to maintain a weekly upload schedule of artwork, and I'm very active on here! If you like my art, feel free to stick around! :heart:

If you wish to contact me directly, shoot me a note and I will see it and do my best to respond! Notes are the most reliable way to get in contact with me. ;) Hope you stick around, and thank you! Stay awesome! <3

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Yoooooo, what's up dA~

So I guess that season 7 trailer got released! Still can't believe we are at 7 seasons, and a new movie coming out. I'll for sure be watching the movie. :)

Buuuuuut not sure if I'm gonna watch Season 7. At least not all of it. I didn't like Season 5 too much, and I barely saw Season 6. A large part of why is....Starlight Glimmer. Yeah, let's talk a bit about her. 

I really don't like Starlight Glimmer. I feel she's a really, really pointless and unnecessary character, a kinda boring character, and it feels like the show was treading over ground it's already covered with her. Didn't we already do a redemption thing with Sunset Shimmer? And did it a lot better? :/ Doesn't help I just find her very very dull. 

Gonna be honest and say she really turned me off S6 and S7. Not to say I don't like pony anymore, before anyone gets worried. 

I still love these characters, love Seasons 1-4 and pony will always be special for me. I guess I just find it hard to get as hyped for new seasons with Trash Horse (oh sorry er Starlight). 

......I bet I'll make some enemies saying this. Starlight is....dividing to say the least, haha. XD

But yeah, just kinda rambles like usual. I highly doubt I'll ever draw Starlight, at least without making her a punchline. If you like her, that's great, it's just my thoughts. :) 

I'll be seeing that Beauty and the Beast live action this weekend, my mom wants to go so I'll go with her. :nod: And I'll be buying a Playstation 4 next paycheck, probably. For Bloodborne and Nioh <3 

Anyway, yeah, rambles over! Remember you're a beautiful person and, man, I could kiss you. Love your fine self, and don't forget to do that, for me, okay babe? <3 

  • Listening to: FilthyFrankTV
  • Reading: TV Tropes
  • Watching: Star Vs The Forces of Evil
  • Playing: Dark Souls I
  • Eating: Taco
  • Drinking: Bleach


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