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Greetings! I am yet another artist who loves talking candy ponies. :meow: I primarily do comics, but I am also quite fond of doing more typical digital paints. :love:

I always do my best to put my best works out there for everyone! And I am very active as well. Expect a new artwork generally every week. ;)

Hope you enjoy what you see! :heart::clap::heart:

MY YOUTUBEZ (I use it mostly for video watch)…

Halloween Traditions Anyone?

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 6:32 PM

Spooky Scary Skeletons Month! :D
I want to update this, instead of making a whole brand new journal, because it's a small update that isn't super necessary Not worth making a brand new one. 

Anyway, one of my most anticipated games of 2014, The Evil Within, came out this week, and it has found it's way to my freakishly large hands! :heart:

And so far, I am really, really liking Evil Within! Dripping with atmosphere, though admittedly it hasn't especially scared me. But that might be because I'm a seasoned horror fan. =p

Just a small update. :heart: Also, more video sharing, yay! :heart:

Sorry for journal so soon, but goodness I love October. :heart: Seriously this is my second favorite month of the year (favorite is December).

The leaves change color and become pretty, it gets cold (I love cold weather) and of course, Halloween. :meow: 

I LOVE Halloween. I love how they play all of those Halloween nonsense on TV, like scary movies and stuff. 

So...I have a few Halloween rituals every year myself. 

I always try to find time to watch Coraline. I love, LOVE that movie. :heart: And I also love to watch Jacob's Ladder. Fucked up movie, that. :noes: And of course Cinemassacre's Monster Madness every day and of course, Tales from The Crypt. ;)

I also recently saw Elvira, Mistress of The Dark, too! I love Elvira. :heart: If I could ask anyone woman on Earth out on a date, it would be Cassandra Peterson. Mmmm....Elvira. :p

Also, I would recommend Exorcist 3: Legion as a horror film too! Such an underrated film. The Gemini Killer is seriously one of the scariest monsters ever put on film. Honestly, the Gemini Killer himself is much more frightening to me than the demon. :heart:

As for horror games, can't recommend Silent Hill 2 enough. My favorite game, period. I also love to replay the Dead Space Trilogy each Halloween. 

And finally, a bit of a new tradition of mine, every Halloween I will make it a point to wash down all the horror of the month with JonTron's 2 part Goosebumps review. JonTron is the best. XD

And Halloween gives me an excuse to share those wonderfully messed up things I like to find on YouTube. Like this! 

David Firth, you mad genius. :heart: 

So, anybody like to share their Halloween traditions? Come on, you know you want tooooo.....:iconcrystalponiesplz:

Unless you're a non American, then Halloween means nothing probably. =p 

Also, final note: the image at the top was made by my talented friend WhiteDiamonds! :iconwhitediamondsltd: It's on her Tumblr! >…

Share your favorite spooky things with me, please? :D I'd love to hear!! :heart:

-Daniel B-)

  • Mood: Delighted
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  • Reading: A Skeleton Popped Out. D:
  • Watching: Drive
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Do You Like the Alien films? 

51 deviants said I have never seen them. :iconsadpinkieplz:
31 deviants said Yes, I love all of them! I even like Prometheus! :iconraritysmile2plz:
31 deviants said For me, I LOVE Alien and Aliens. Resurrection is fun in a trashy way, and I do not like Alien 3 at all. That movie is terrible. And I like Prometheus too! :iconcrystalponiesplz:
22 deviants said They're alright...but I prefer Predator. :iconapplejackisplzedplz:
7 deviants said No, I hate them! :icontwilightshakeplz:


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Your webcam.... I think that would scare the pandachan more than foxy...
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I'm a little late.
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Hehe, now THIS is a true Halloween classic. :pumpkin:
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