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Greetings! I am yet another artist who loves talking candy ponies. :meow: I primarily do comics, but I am also quite fond of doing more typical digital paints. :love:

I always do my best to put my best works out there for everyone! And I am very active as well. Expect a new artwork generally every week. ;)

Hope you enjoy what you see! :heart::clap::heart:

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Rated M for Manly?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 4:45 PM

Good evening, everyone!~Sunset Shimmer EqG (clapping) plz by luckreza8

It's time for Daniel to make yet another of his rambling opinion journals, because why not? :shrug: No but seriously, this is something I think is interesting, and I just want to talk about it. Let's talk about age ratings (video games namely)!

So I own a ton of games, on my 360, my PC, and even my older consoles. And funny enough, I think out of the dozens and dozens of games I own, I can name the number that are rated E on one hand. 

The E rated games I own on my PC and Xbox are as follows: Portal 2, Freedom Planet, Shovel Knight, Cave Story and Thomas Was Alone. That's it. The T rated games I own are even less strangely. Every other game I own and play is M rated

That is not intentional at all to be honest. It's just that my general tastes tend to run towards games that are rated M. And even my E rated games are mostly E10+. 

I remember way back when Portal 2 was announced as E10, instead of T like the first game, and a number of people flipped out, and started calling it "babified" and "watered down", despite the fact that it really wasn't. Portal's humor has always been fairly dark, and Portal 2 had tons of humor like that as well. 

There does seem to be, at least to me, a bit of a stigma against the E rating. Most often, the average person sees an E rating and assumes it is "for kids". Which baffles me to be honest. Some of the darkest games I've played were rated E of all things. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is one of the darkest games I've ever played, yet it got away with an E rating (later E10). 

Another game I've been playing a lot of lately, Freedom Planet, is also E10. Yet it features a pretty brutal torture scene of all things. 

Yet take an M rated game like Duke Nukem Forever or Ride to Hell, which are some of the stupidest and most juvenile games I've ever seen, and not in a good way. Seriously, Duke Nukem Forever is just awful in every way. 

At the same time though, there are M rated games that very much deserve the M rating, in terms of say violence or language, yet somehow manage to pull off a silly lighthearted tone. Team Fortress 2 and South Park Stick of Truth come to mind for me (just two examples of course). 

And then you have those rare creatures that can do both at once, both have a dark serious side and a silly, absurd side. The Fallout series stick out as an example to me. To give context to what I mean, Fallout New Vegas (as just an example) is a game that deals pretty seriously with subjects like slavery, rape, addiction and murder in a fairly mature and tactful way, yet it is also a game where you can make people explode with just a single pistol bullet and melt people into piles of goo with plasma. 

Of course, the ESRB is a strange, strange board that makes weird, weird descsions on game ratings. I remember when Phoniex Wright: Dual Destinies  recieved an M rating, and I still for the life of me can't figure out why. :/ I guess maybe for the implications of a child killing her mother...but still it was only hinted and never shown. 

Ah but I'm getting off track I think. My question for you is this: check at all of your games and see how many are E rated, T rated, etc, I'd love to know. Are you like me, and mostly play M games? Or are you the opposite, and most of your games are E? Or somewhere in between? :idea:

Hope you are all having a lovely evening, and as always if you read this, thank you! You're awesome! And I love you. :heart:;)

Stay fabulous!~


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Okay, this is insanely awesome. :jawdrop: :wow:
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Do you take commisons?
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SoulsTornado Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  New Deviant
I'm writing to you on behalf of Equestria Times, Polish web periodical for bronies. We use to publish translated comics in our magazine to show international works to our local MLP fans. We would be honored to translate and release your "Twilight's Ascension" series in our newspaper, with your permission, of course.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
SoulsTornado from Equestria Times office.
MaskedMenace833 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I really like your style. It reminds me a lot of the illustrations from the IDW comics
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Just a taste of what's to come this holiday season. ;)

Please enjoy my second gift of the day to you, good buddy. :handshake:
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VoltronZ1 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student Writer…

Hehehehe... Oh how I miss this show so much. It's campy to be sure, but it knows that it's campy, and uses it very well.
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