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November 5, 2013
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Age Unrestricted (Update) by Daniel-SG Age Unrestricted (Update) by Daniel-SG
UPDATE: Posted on Equestria Daily!… Thanks to whoever submitted it! :love:

Quick Edit: Ack! I noticed that the text on the Weegee poster in panel 3 was slightly overlapping the ticket booth! :faint:

I don't know how I missed such a bonehead mistake, but I fixed it. :icondoublefacehoofplz:
Time for a comic! Much earlier in the week than I planned, lol. =p Couple of reasons for that. Biggest one is that the thing was nearly finished, and I was done in about an hour, after some small edits. ^^
Other reason was just wanting to get this out there. I'm not entirely happy with how this came out. :faint: I was struggling with an idea block when I drew this, and I think it shows a bit. Maybe that's just me being overly critical of myself. :shrug: 

I still think it came out funny enough. Just not as funny as I thought it would. :)

I really laughed when I came up with the movie title. It's so blunt and upfront, it makes me giggle. :giggle: In my head, the Murderstorm series is a cross of Hostel/Friday the 13th/slasher film. Oddly enough, I was a lot like the Crusaders when I was younger. I grew up watching the Saw films, and I also got a huge exposure to slasher films when they played on the Sci-Fi channel (before they decided poor literacy was "kewl"). :nod:

Fluttershy should do more research into the films she lets those girls watch, lol. It can't be good for them. =p 

I'm also very glad One Bad Apple showed that Ponyville does have movie theaters. It makes this much more plausible I think. 

And yes, Thunderlane works at Ponyville Cineplex! He was recently paroled, and that is the only place that will hire him, what with his status as a SO, lol. ;)

MLP belongs to Hasbro.
Time Spent: About 7 hours total
Art by :icondanielsplatter:
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natekiksace Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it's weegee timeWEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 WEEGEE Smiley v1.0 
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Should have went to see the Digi Movie.....
DanPrower3723 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I want the Digi movie on DVD and BluRay. 
The Weegee movie sounds even more terrifying than the Murderstorm. 
And aww, Sweetie Belle is the best *u*
joethehero2 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Maybe they should have seen the Transformares movie.

:iconfluttershycryplz:: OPTIMUS!!!!

Or not.
DarkLord122 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 13, 2014
At least it wasn't Murderstorm 3: The Revenge of the Murderer Who wanted Revenge For Some Reason That Involved Murder.
Ashardu Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
True story
MichaelGS-0148 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Digibrony lol
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